The Best Maxi Skirts to Add In Your Wardrobe

Maxi skirts are here to stay—these flowy, lengthy gorgeous pieces are so comfortable to wear and come in a wide range of colors, prints and styles that are perfect to wear all year round. even celebrities cannot get enough of it. Whether you wear them at work or play, maxi skirts will no doubt give your look an air of sophistication as long as you wear a piece with the right cut. See what we have in store for you—you may just discover the very flattering piece that you never knew you need.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do you style a maxi skirt?

    Answer: Maxi skirts have a dramatic length and a voluminous shape so make sure to keep things simple. Pair the skirt with a low-profile, simple shirt or top. You can go for prints and color but the key word here is to keep it simple to make the look streamlined. If you are wearing a high-waisted maxi skirt, crop tops and tied-up tops are suitable for this style. for maxi skirts with a full volume, try pairing it with a form-fitting tee or loose tops.

  2. How do I style a maxi dress for evening wear?

    Answer: Choose a maxi skirt with a solid color like navy blue or black and pair it with a chic belt and tank top. Finish the look with chunky statement jewelry. You can also choose to wear a maxi skirt with a high waist in the evenings. Trendy blouses, statement jewelry or glittery accessories and a sleek hairstyle or haircut leads to a glamorous look.

  3. What footwear pairs well with maxi skirts?

    Answer: If you want to wear a maxi skirt for work, wearing pumps with it is perfectly fine. For a more formal look, opt for closed shoes. Maxi skirts also look very great with sandals and flats. Boots are also recommended especially if you want a grungy, 90s look.

Our Top Picks


Afibi Women Chiffon Maxi Skirt

  • Skin-friendly chiffon material
  • With elastic waistband
  • Great for everyday looks
  • Suitable for various occasions

When it comes to spring and summer wear, the maxi skirt is queen. The Afibi Women Chiffon Maxi Skirt is available in lots of colors and prints that fit the two seasons. This one features a spread of pink and yellow flowers on top of an aqua background—very fresh and fit for sunny days and nights. The skirt is made of comfortable skin-friendly chiffon plus it features an elastic waistband too so taking it off and putting it on is pretty easy and hassle-free. This one is lightweight, soft and has a nice stretch too.


Milumia Women’s Boho Vintage Maxi Skirt

  • Made with 100% rayon
  • Bohemian style skirt
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • With relaxed fit

If you are on the hunt for a skirt that you can wear on festivals, you need to give the Milumia Women’s Boho Vintage Maxi Skirt a whirl. This is one pretty, eye-catching piece bedecked with a vintage, folkloric print complemented by an A-line cut. The skirt is made from soft and breathable rayon fabric—it’s high in terms of quality and very comfortable to wear too. This regular-fit maxi skirt looks great with most tops from camisoles, crop tops, form-fitting tees, tank tops and blouses. Very flowy skirt that’s pleasing to the eyes.


Ranphee Women’s Ankle Length High Waist Maxi Skirt

  • With 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Features calf-height slits
  • Has zipper closure
  • Woven flared skirt style

The Ranphee Women’s Ankle Length High Waist Maxi Skirt is a good choice to wear for work or cocktail events. The skirt pairs well with a wide variety of opts from blouses, crop tops to t-shirts. It has a high waist but the material provides a nice stretch so it’s still a breeze to wear. The skirt also includes pockets—the pockets are deep enough to secure your keys or your phone. Another highlight of this skirt is its flared cut—try turning around to see its graceful swirl. Get the right size for the best, flattering fit for your bod.


L’VOW Women’s Leopard Print Maxi Skirt

  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Has drawstring closure
  • Classic leopard print style
  • Swing skirt with full-ankle length

The L’VOW Women’s Leopard Print Maxi Skirt is another classic piece that deserves a place in your wardrobe. This chiffon long skirt features a drawstring closure for extra comfort, made with material that is flowy, soft and friendly on the skin. The skirt also features an asymmetrical hemline, an elastic high waist for easy removal and includes a lining. Great to wear all season long, actually plus it’s also a nice skirt for a good deal of events. You can pair this with lots of tops, blouses, shirts, accessories and footwear. Yes, this is a versatile piece that you will be glad you splurged on.


American Apparel Women’s Thick Rib Maxi Skirt

  • With 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • Has skinny fit
  • Knit weave type
  • Includes elastic closure

If you are in the market for a hip fitted maxi skirt, there’s always the American Apparel Women’s Thick Rib Maxi Skirt. This knit-weave skirt comes with a skinny fit, an elastic closure and a right side slit for a look that is fresh, cool and modern. You can pair this with boots or heels and you’re good to go. The material for this one is composed of thick rib/cotton and polyester blend for maximum comfort. The skirt also comes with a medium-weight stretch rib so it clings to your body in the most flattering way possible. American Apparel is also a trusted brand in the business so what you will get indeed it is a piece with topnotch quality.


Alex Evenings Women’s Long Dress Skirt

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Chiffon pull-on skirt
  • With elastic waist
  • Has tulip hem

Give your dressy tops and blouses an upgrade with this chic dress skirt from Alex Evenings. Alex Evenings is certainly one of the best brands in ready-to-wear today, the brand’s long dress skirt is another welcome addition to your collection of fashionable skirts and bottoms. The chiffon skirt is the pull-on kind supplemented by an elastic waistband so it’s a breeze to take on and off. The tulip hem of the skirt also makes the piece extra-flattering. Very feminine, stylish and pretty. Pair it with high-heeled sandals in satin, lace, metallic finishes or rhinestones for an ultra-glam evening look.

The best maxi skirt fits your body well and flatters it. The market is full of breezy, pretty maxi dresses right now but we have made settling on the right pieces easier for you by creating this list. We hope you have learned a few essentials by reading our post.