Our Recommended Best Handmade Bags for the Ladies

The bag has undergone many changes due to yearly trends in fashion. What were once rugged, hastily-sewn leather carryalls that hunters relied on to hold food and hunting weapons has now turned into a piece that is not only functional but stylish. Some high-end bags today even serve as status symbols for the moneyed and the forever chic. These days, the search for the perfect handcrafted bag is the priority for keen fashion hunters. These eclectic pieces complement various wardrobes and also expresses your creativity and personality. Read more about tasteful handmade bags in this quick guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are handmade bags exactly?

    Answer: Handmade bags are typically made by artisans who devote time and expertise in creating striking bags with immaculate focus on details, materials and construction. In fact, each handmade bag is a different item each time since these products are made by an craftsperson—they are not mass-produced using machines. Bag artisans guarantee that the creation of the bags from the structure down to the details are seamlessly made so the item will last for years and years of use.

  2. What features do handmade bags come with?

    Answer: Handmade bags have progressed from tough hunter bags crafted with animal skins and plant fibers into finer bags in varying sizes, colors, textures, shapes and styles. These bags now come with lots of eye-catching details to suit different tastes and trends. Handmade bags may be embellished with beading, gems and metal accents for aesthetics. Zippers are also present in plenty of bags. For a more unique look, handmade bags may also include buckles, rings, chains, mirrors and designer emblems. Handmade bags can be small pouches or bigger ones meant to be used for the office or school.

  3. How do you maintain handcrafted bags made with straw or fabric material?

    Answer: Handmade bags in fabric material which do not come with internal supports or leather trim can be cleaned by handwashing. Make use of a gentle laundry detergent on the item—do not wring the bag after a wash. Just rinse it very well and allow to air-dry. Do not expose the bag in direct sunlight while air-drying it. Fabric bags will also benefit from protective sprays like Texguard. If you want to remove dirt from straw handmade bags, use packaging tape on it. Using the sticky part of the tape, dab the tape all over the bag to lift up dust, dirt and dander. Make sure to keep all of the makeup you bring along in a separate case or pouch. Always follow care instructions provided by the brand. To take away odors inside the bag, dispense baking soda inside a small container then put it inside the bag—allow to settle for 24 hours so the baking soda will absorb those odors.

Our Top Picks


Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Tote

  • 100% handcrafted product
  • Stylish rattan design
  • High-quality 100% natural material
  • Made in Vietnam

The HAAN Handwoven Oval Rattan Bag is composed of fine Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan. The material is 100 percent natural and it’s also recyclable, thus making the bag an eco-friendly choice. The surface of the bag was worked on meticulously in order to produce a smoother texture. Bamboo and rattan materials are also pretty lightweight so they will not add too much weight on the bag. It includes a genuine leather strap with adjustable length too. Size is good enough to stash your daily essentials.


Leather Crossbody Bag

  • 100% top grain buffalo leather
  • Long-lasting YKK Metal Zippers
  • Large storage space
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Made from Full Grain leather, this leather crossbody bag for women is hand-crafted by skilled artisans working with leather for decades. The leather bag seamlessly combines durability design, and utility. The casual appeal of this purse brings a stylish flair to your looks and adds elegance to a girl’s wardrobe. High-quality hardware and YKK metal zipper, The women crossbody bag is an ideal choice for a meeting, for work, travel, shopping and for daily chores.


Larone Artisans Handwoven Crossbody Rattan Basket Bag

  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Has 10-inch shoulder drop
  • Handcrafted by local artisans
  • Suitable for all occasions

If you want something that is versatile enough to be worn at work and specific events, the Larone Artisans Handwoven Crossbody Rattan Basket Bag may be your trusty companion. This one is crafted from 100 percent authentic cotton/rattan—each and every handwoven crossbody bag from this brand were made individually thus not all bags are the same. This lightweight bag is a good bag suitable enough for work, traveling, nights out and shopping. The inside of the bag features has a good size that can contain your phone, cardholder or a makeup kit.


Cuadra Women’s Handwoven Handbag

  • Made with bovine leather
  • Has braided sides
  • Includes metallic studs
  • Comes with removable long handle

Leather bags are an investment—with proper care, the bag will last for decades. These items are durable and considered classics too. Leather bags like the Cuadra Women’s Handwoven Handbag will never go out of style. This is one gorgeous, finely-crafted handbag with excellent focus on details from the meticulously-woven sides down to its seamless stitching. The bag features two handles as well—it can be carried as a handbag by means of its short handle. You can also use it as a sling bag by employing the removable long handle.


Gets Handwoven Rattan Bag for Women

  • Eye-catching design
  • Dainty and distinctive look
  • Great size for everyday use
  • Versatile built

The Gets Handwoven Rattan Bag for Women is made from high-quality straw material that makes for a chic piece that you can bring along not only for work, but for holiday vacations as well. The straw handbag comes in a few colors to suit your mood and wardrobe plus it also features a stunning beaded handle which completes the whole ensemble. It is indeed dainty and elegant—use it for nights out, while clubbing, shopping and partying. It suits a good deal of looks too due to its versatility.


Bossjoy Bamboo Bag

  • 100% bamboo material
  • Hip modern design
  • Elegant, secure purse
  • Sufficient size

The Bossjoy Bamboo Bag is a stunning piece that will surely complete a lot of looks whether day or night. It looks like a finely-carved artwork, made from 100 percent bamboo material—the bamboo alone makes this purse an excellent environment-friendly choice. The black color provides the purse a classy, luxurious appearance too—this being black in color also allows it to suit all types of clothing colors from neutrals down to brights. The modern design adds some trendy touches to any outfit as well. Wear it to the beach or the club, and it will shine on both occasions.


Miuco Women’s Bamboo Handbag

  • Made from 100% bamboo
  • Very natural, laidback vibe
  • Excellent craftmanship
  • Finely-honed surface

The Miuco Women’s Bamboo Handbag is made from genuine 100% bamboo material—this is another great choice for an environment-friendly piece. The bamboo that the bag is made of undergoes fine grinding processes which allow it to have a sleek and smooth surface. The whole built of the bag is reliable and secure too thanks to the careful workmanship done on the bag. The details are really tight and the overall quality of the bamboo bag is topnotch. It has a size that can contain your phone, tablet or any daily essential.

The handcrafted bag is not only a functional item but an eye-catching one too. The bags in this guide have their own advantageous characteristics which makes them different from each other. Choose one bag or two to suit your wardrobe. Select a piece that will also match every season of the year.

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