Our Favorite Wireless Bras with Great Support

Sometimes, we want to take time off from the underwire bra. Home means comfort, so most of us prefer to ditch the bra. However, for ladies who are not too keen on this option, wireless ones are the way to go. There’s a good deal of wireless bras though that do not provide enough support. To help you find a good one, here is our list of wireless bras that can give the support you need.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits if wearing a wireless bra?

    Answer: The best wireless bras are comfortable to wear everyday. To take advantage of its benefits, you do need to find a pair that has soft, stretchy material and a comfy, sufficiently snug band.

  2. Do wireless bras really provide support?

    Answer: Yes, it is a fact that wireless bras, the best ones, can provide good, light support. The support a wireless bra can provide will depend on the kind of fabric it’s made with and the coverage it can give. The best wireless bras are made from firm yet supple fabric and extend plenty of coverage.

  3. What factors should I consider when looking for the best wireless bra?

    Answer: When buying wireless bras, choose one that has a secure, tight band. The support factor is usually based on the quality of the band and not the straps. Wide bands also give more support, specifically if the design extends on the sides. In addition, if you want something padded but with zero wires, you can opt for contour bras—they feature a standard underwire design but does not contain underwire. The foam lining of contour bras will also give your breasts a more complimentary shape compared to regular wireless brassieres. If you are after good lift, check out bras that give full coverage—make sure that the straps of the brad are centered on top of the breasts. Bras with a vertical seam situated in the center of the cup also give plenty of support. Check out the built of the cup to make sure it features this specific design.

Our Top Picks


Yummie Women’s Audrey Seamless Wire Free Comfort Day Bra

  • Soft and comfy material
  • Has elastic closure
  • Dig-free adjustable straps
  • Made with Outlast Technology

The Yummie Women’s Audrey Seamless Wire Free Comfort Day Bra is perfect for use daily, whether at home or at work. It has a design which evens out all over the sides and the back. It has a seamless structure too so it will not show under clothing. For the best fit and comfort, the bra has dig-free adjustable straps. This type of strap also means the bra will not create any bumps in the back. The bra is made with soft and flexible material that you’ll feel like you are not wearing anything under your top. It’s soft but has the right firmness and stretch which makes it fit securely but totally wearable at home or while taking on everyday errands.


Warner’s Women’s Elements of Bliss Wirefree Lift Bra

  • 80% nylon and 20% spandex
  • Includes hook and eye closure
  • Has light-lift pads
  • Features plunging neckline

The Warner’s Women’s Elements of Bliss Wirefree Lift Bra comes in a nice selection of prints and colors. It has light padding too—the padding provides natural lift without giving away too-much cleavage so your breasts will stay put. The Light Contour design means it will not produce any unsightly bumps or creases on your clothing, making this one a good bra to wear while donning stretchy, loose or gauzy tops. The bra’s plunging neckline also makes this an ideal underwear for tops with a V neckline.


Wacoal Women’s Embrace Lace Wire Free Soft-Cup Bralette

  • 91% nylon and 9% spandex
  • Includes hook and eye closure
  • Has plunging neckline
  • Adjustable straps with picot trim

The Wacoal Women’s Embrace Lace Wire Free Soft-Cup Bralette has an exquisitely feminine trim and features a plunging neckline which makes it a nice partner for V collared tops. The design has a bralette style but unlike standard bralettes, this one gives ample support. The shoulder straps are adjustable too—you can hook them together and wear it as a racerback bra. It comes in many colors and features a comfortable wide, supple and stretchy bottom band. The camisole straps also contribute to overall support while its nylon and spandex blend material gives a soft and secure feel.


SPANX Women’s Bra-Llelujah Bralette

  • Nylon and spandex blend
  • Patented all-hosiery smoothing back
  • Dig-free SPANX SMART straps
  • No metal hardware and elastic parts

The bralette version of the brand’s Bra-llelujah Bra is also a great purchase. Loads of women from celebrities down to in-the-know ladies have turned to the brand for smart underwear choices. This excellent combination of nylon and spandex gives enough support without the wires and the elastics. It has SPANX SMART straps that will not do a number on your skin and its design features a patented all-hosiery smoothing back. The brand even assists further to provide the best fit and wear for all sizes—Spanx makes use of extra fabric layers in the bra cups for bigger/extra-large cup sizes.


Hanes Ultimate Women’s T-Shirt Natural Lift Foam Wire-Free Bra

  • Designed with Cool Comfort fabric
  • Includes hook and eye closure
  • Gives all-day support
  • Flexible, light-lift foam cups

The Hanes Ultimate Women’s T-Shirt Natural Lift Foam Wire-Free features a body made with comfortable polyester and spandex blend. The lace is crafted from nylon and spandex while the Cool Comfort technology contributes in the overall comfy feel of the bra by keeping your bust area cool throughout the day. The bra comes with convertible straps and light-lift foam cups for extra flexibility—the design gives a flattering yet natural shape and it doles out enough support too even without the presence of an underwire. The seamless built makes it a nice bra to wear on any kind of outfit.


Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

  • 94% polyester/6% spandex strap lining
  • Features Full Support lining
  • Has hook and eye closure
  • Includes lined cups

Go wireless with the Comfort Revolution from Bali Women. It does not include any tags so there’s less digging to experience and it has stretch foam too for better flex. One of its highlights is its Comfort-U design—the design makes the straps and the back remain fixed in one spot regardless of any movement you make. This means no more hitching the bra at inappropriate moments. You’ll just forget that you are wearing one. It has adjustable straps for better fit and for allover support, comes with two-ply side and back support. This is a full-coverage bra for days when all you want is to let your breasts stay in place.

Going braless will make homestays a cozy one. However, do not neglect support. Take care of your bust by investing in quality, supportive wireless bras. Whether you want full coverage or prefer super-feminine bralette styles, a nice, supportive wireless bra merges comfort, purpose and style to spoil you and make wearing one a nicer experience.

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