Embrace Autumn with These Hot Tops

It is now the time of the year when everything turns golden and red—when leaves start to fall down and there’s a bit of chill in the air. This is the season of darker colors, layers and light sweaters before it segues into winter. The fall season requires new wardrobe, and here are our choice picks for women’s tops.

Buyers Guide

  1. What colors are trendy for this year’s fall season?

    Answer: Here are some of the colors that major fashion designers presented for today’s fall fashions—mustard, orange, yellow, various shades of amber, burgundy and maroon. Gray, rose pink, navy blue and various green hues like emerald, turquoise and olive green. While you do not really need to use all of the colors mentioned, it is crucial that you feel those colors will suit your skin tone and personal color preferences. What is important is that your entire appearance should be pulled off effortlessly.

  2. Can I still use short sleeved tops for fall?

    Answer: Yes, you can still wear short-sleeved tops in autumn. To achieve a look that’s appropriate for fall, you need to do a bit of layering. You can layer a short-sleeved t-shirt over a long-sleeved one or try wearing a sweater dress with short sleeves. You can also accessorize these short-sleeved tops with light jackets and cardigans in fall colors.

  3. What accessories are great for fall?

    Answer: Autumn is the best season for chunkier bohemian-style accessories, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets with geometric shapes, chain necklaces, statement rings, fancy brooches, chandelier earrings and bigger hoop earrings. You can also accessorize fall looks with a wide belt, scarves, metal belts, embellished tights, various hats and leather gloves. The best footwear for fall will always be closed shoes like boots, booties, oxfords, chic boat shoes and the like.

Our Top Picks


Asvivid Women’s Casual Long Sleeve Top

  • Features floral lace details
  • Flowy top design
  • Loose fit
  • Has pull-on closure

The Asvivid Women’s Casual Long Sleeve Top is casual enough for strolls, errands, nights out with friends and dates but it’s still got lots of polish for a sophisticated look. The flowy quality of the blouse makes for an effortless look and it pairs well with lots of bottoms from those trendy ripped denim shorts and jeans to velvet leggings. You can also pair this one with a long, hippie skirt for a boho look. This is a modern twist on the hippie blouse.


Lovezesent Women’s Leopard Chiffon Blouse

  • Long lantern sleeves
  • Loose, casual fit
  • Chic leopard print
  • Quality chiffon material

The Lovezesent Women’s Leopard Chiffon Blouse is another versatile piece that can take you from work to a night out. This one pairs well with all sorts of bottoms from skinny jeans, flared jeans, leggings, pants, fitted knee-length skirts and more. It features graceful lantern sleeves and a loose fit, very lightweight due to the chiffon material. The cut and the print of the top also makes this blouse a nice outfit for the office. Whether used day or night, this one rates high in our list.


Zesica Women’s Turtleneck Sweater

  • 100% Acrylic
  • Light sweater
  • Breathable and comfy
  • Soft and knitted material

Later in the fall, you will finally get the indication that winter is getting nearer so better have some light sweaters on hand like this pretty Zesica Women’s Turtleneck Sweater. The sweater is made from fine 100 percent acrylic material that is soft to the touch and is extra comfy due to its breathability. The sweater comes in several colors and prints but we like this one’s muted coral tone, a hue which perfectly matches the season. Take this one to school, work, while doing the grocery rounds and other activities—it will give good warmth during the last days of autumn.


Hotapei Women’s Casual Striped Button-Down Blouse

  • Made from lightweight material
  • Comfy, relaxed fit
  • Includes button closure
  • Has V neck

The Hotapei Women’s Casual Striped Button-Down Blouse has stripes and dark colors that are perfectly fall-ready. It features a V neckline, button closures, a relaxed fit and it’s made from lightweight material too. You can wear this one solo or top it with your favorite jacket or cardigan. The neat lines and professional look of this blouse also makes this one a great top to use at work. It pairs well with pants, denim jeans, shorts and leggings. This one presents a fresh and breezy look for fall.


The Drop Women’s Phoebe Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Fitted T-Shirt

  • 95% modal/5% elastane
  • Fitted design
  • Extra-soft and slinky
  • Machine-wash

The Phoebe fitted turtleneck t-shirt from The Drop is for the woman who does not shy away from flaunting her curves. When the brand says it’s fitted, they mean it indeed. This is not for the shy types since the extra-soft, supple and slinky material will grace your curves and accentuate them. It pairs with jeans and skirts very well and due to its sleek and clean lines, makes for a nice top for work and play. With the right bottoms and accessories, it can also function as a piece for a semi-formal outfit. All you need is a little imagination.


Luvamia Women’s V-Neck Ruffle Sleeve Top

  • Soft, lightweight fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Solid color
  • Features deep V neckline

The Luvamia Women’s V-Neck Ruffle Sleeve Top is another choice fall staple that is quite versatile and pairs well with most jeans, pants, leggings, shorts and skirts. It features a deep V neck, button closures, long sleeves, a casual and loose fit plus a chic tie knot in the front hemline. It comes in several solid colors and patterns. This one is also ideal to wear on any season—whether spring, summer or fall, just add some choice stylish pieces on it to suit whatever seasonal trends are on. Great to work not only for work but for travels, everyday activities, beach holidays and more.

The latter part of fall marks the beginning of a colder season so it’s time that you prepare some items that are suitable for this time of the year. This means tops in fall colors and light sweaters. Check out our selections and see which among these picks will hit the top of your list.

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