Bring Back Sparkle with The Best Sequin Dresses

A dress that catches glimmering lights are instant attention-getters. If you want to stand out, there are many ways to do that—opt for dresses with tons of glamour and sass. Fabrics with a metallic sheen and embellishments like rhinestones and sequins will make you the star of the show. The addition of sequins often provides glitz and opulence in every outfit. If you’ve always worn matte neutrals, maybe it’s time to step up your game and introduce a bit of shine in your wardrobe. Do not be afraid of all that shine and glitter—let the search for the best sequined dresses begin.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why purchase a sequined dress?

    Answer: Sequins are an excellent choice for embellishment since it can be laid out into significantly intricate patterns. The arrangements can be geometric, chevron, harlequin, wavy, curly, gradient or even flower-like. Sequins are versatile too since it can be used in lots of styles. You can go all out for a disco ball effect or opt for subtlety with dainty sequin detailing. Sequins also work on a good range of fabrics from denim, silk, leather, chiffon, cotton and more. Dresses and tops can be completely or partially sequined. The sequins can be arranged by hand or by means of a machine. Sequins do not come in round sizes anymore as well—there is variety in shapes these days thus furthering the versatility of this specific clothing embellishment.

  2. How can you wear sequins properly?

    Answer: The manner in which you wear sequins will really depend on your preferences and the occasion. For clubbing and parties, wearing a fully-sequined shift or cocktail dress is a good idea. If you want to wear sequins in the day time, you can opt for partially-sequined tops or dresses or opt for ones with delicate sequin details. You can also pair a sequined dress with stunning heels and glamorous accessories fir a club-ready look with your girlfriends. Want to perk up a spiffy jacket? You can pair it with a nice sequin dress.

  3. How do you take care of sequined pieces of clothing?

    Answer: Sequins are quite durable however because of use or poor-quality stitching, sequins can fall off and destroy the design. If you want to clean your sequined clothing at home, do so by handwashing the item. Machine-washing is not ideal for this material since the sequins can get caught in the washing machine’s internal components. Begin by filling the tub with cold water and mild detergent. Immerse then swirl the clothing gently—allow it to soak for up to 5 minutes. Rinse the item well with cold water. Do no wring the item after rinsing since this can damage the sequin’s shape. Hang then air-dry the item.

Our Top Picks


Calvin Klein Women’s Long Sleeve Sequin Sheath with Cowl Back

  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Has zipper closure
  • Gives a fit that flatters
  • For dry-cleaning only

Calvin Klein is known for his chic and minimalist approach to fashion. This long-sleeved dress with a sequin sheath and cowl back has a versatile design which makes it a reliable go-to dress for any occasion—you can wear this one on semi-formal events, cocktail parties, weddings or dates. The dress has a comfortable and flattering fit too, with material that is plush and a total comfort to wear.


R&M Richards Women’s One-Piece Short Sleeve Embellished Sequins Gown

  • 100% polyester lining
  • Comes with button closure
  • Includes Godet pleats
  • With satin pleats

If you are after a striking formal dress with sequined details, you cannot go wrong with the R&M Richards Women’s One-Piece Short Sleeve Embellished Sequins Gown. The gown comes in a few stunning colors, finely-crafted with high-quality materials from polyester and spandex. The lining of the gown is 100 percent polyester too for the best comfort. This is the gown that suits weddings, parties, formal occasions and proms. The details are not too over-the-top; everything was done in fine taste.


Romwe Women’s Sexy Sparkle Sequin Tank Dress

  • 100% polyester material
  • Comes with pull-on closure
  • Layered sheath fit dress
  • Has sequined bottom

For those desiring a fun piece that is great for clubbing, nights out with friends and dates, this Romwe Women’s Sexy Sparkle Sequin Tank Dress sparkles and will give your frame plenty of glow. The dress comes with a pull-on closure and a layered look that is sleek yet still classy and sexy. The dress is also available in a good variety of sizes so it accommodates all types of bodies. It’s a must-have for your wardrobe. If you are thinking of updating your closet, think of adding this glimmery option.


MANER Women’s Sequin Glitter Short Sleeve Dress

  • Has 100% polyester material
  • Comes with elastic closure
  • With soft lining
  • Suits plenty of occasions

The gradient look in dresses is hot, and it’s done even better with sequins. The MANER Women’s Sequin Glitter Short Sleeve Dress did not disappoint in the shimmery aspect—the gradient comes in various tones which makes for an eye-catching spectacle. This is a great dress for clubbing—all lights at the club will hit the dress at varying angles for a look that illuminates and stops the show. The gradient pattern also comes in a wide variety of colors that ladies can pick from.


Alex Evenings Women’s Long Sequin Dress with Flutter Sleeves

  • With polyester and spandex materials
  • Has 100% polyester lining
  • Comes with zippered closure
  • Lengthy empire waist style

The elegance and beauty of the Alex Evenings Women’s Long Sequin Dress with Flutter Sleeves will make you a hit in any event you go. This is an impressive dress strewn with stunning sequin and flower details that will catch everyone’s attention. The bodice is composed of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex while the mesh material is made up of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent spandex. The flutter sleeves serve as the pretty icing on the cake—it complements the whole outfit so well giving it a very classy feminine touch.


NeeMee Women’s Vintage 1920s Fringed Sequin Beaded Dress

  • Has high-quality polyester material
  • With beautiful sequins and bead details
  • Stretchy and comfortable cocktail dress
  • Great for any occasion

If you want a vintage look that is not from the 50s, 60s or 70s, you should try out the modern flapper dress. The NeeMee Women’s Vintage Fringed Sequin Beaded Dress brings back the glamour of women from the Roaring Twenties but with a contemporary twist in the form of jewel colors. The dress has a stretchy feel that makes for a flattering and comfortable fit, complemented by old-fashioned sequin and bead detailing which invokes the spirit of Charleston dance steps and sassy young women in bobbed haircuts and cloche hats. Great dress to wear for parties, nights out and ballroom dancing.

Bring a little glamour and glimmer to any event with a dress that sparkles. Sequins are a timeless embellishment which has been long endorsed by fashion designers and cool ladies the world over. This striking dress accessory adds plenty of pizzazz in any outfit, and all women’s wardrobes is not complete without a sequin dress or two.